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Naufan Noordyanto_Indonesi.png



I am surprised, happy, and proud to be one of the selected designers and involved in this event with other talented designers around the world.


I believe that poster is a powerful medium of expression, not only of beauty and aesthetic quality, but also of their ideas and abilities as social and educational campaigns. And I know that is concerned about it. Through this event, my work has become more appreciated and can be involved in educational campaigns so that the community becomes aware and critical of social issues and human rights issues that occur around us.

Diego del Rio_Argentina.png



Living many years in a great metropolis like Buenos Aires, I observed and lived countless traffic situations, which ended in discussions or fights. The idea of the poster was to raise awareness about the decisions we make from an impulsive reaction without measuring the consequences they may have.


Situations of violence are so common, but lately they have exceeded the levels of fury that unfolds in everyday environments, where many people travel, including minors who are involved and are alarming the tragedies that have resulted from events as simple as circulating to a low speed, or by crossing lanes without warning lights, to see another driver driving while using the cell phone, or because the red light passed. If there is something that adds more complexity to this problem, it is the question of drunk driving…. All situations that could be avoided, because each of them can have an end without turning back.

Hossein_Montazeri - Iran.png



Dear escuhamivoz, I am surprised,happy, and I’m so honored of being selected in this competition.
Thank you so much.

Eduardo Davit_Uruguay.png



The cement tides fill the landscape of cities, we need cities + green. It is not only about good services, urban furniture and works, but also about having green areas responsible for the environment that act as lungs, recreational areas where to play sports or just sit on a bench and enjoy them.

Being in touch with nature is essential to worry about it and preserve it.
In the design of this poster I focused on the zenith views of the cities, gray, full of cement where we usually look for streets or directions and lose sight of the fact that we sail in the tide of cement.

I generated the + symbol with a green space, free of typography, centered, which generates a significant contrast by taking off the green space and begging for + of them. 

Naandeyé García Villegas_México.png



Sustainable cities are the future that can save us from the environmental disaster we are going through as humanity. Cities where there is adequate mobility, saving energy and water resources, reducing hearing pollution and creating pleasant public spaces - where there are green areas, especially for recreation -.

My posters symbolize these ideas and seek to represent the commitment that each of the planet’s inhabitants must have. A sustainable future is a promising future.

Adam Klasa_Polonia.png



Metropolis is not a company and does not have any permanent neither homogenous structure. It’s not guided by one, fixed goal to achieve. It is a resultant force of unceasing frictions, tensions and mutual convergencies. Masses of city gears are working, basing on various algorithms, values and aims. Each individual decision, each movement resonates in the city space – making our freedom consistently nudge against else’s freedom.

In this whole diversity exists only one thin line of agreement – safety about future and a sense of comfort in our lives. However may it have different meanings, understanding and appreciating our freedom is to lead to this common aim.

And this is what this year’s competition is about. It’s not about central regulations, governments or administrations – it’s about us, our individual voices gathered together. The voice of metropolitan machinery’s elements communicating ideas, thoughts and necessities. Numerous interpretations and concepts about better community and better living. 

Qiuwen Li_China.png



So happy to be selected this year and it means a lot to me! As a designer, we use images and words as a means to raise awareness for issues and hopefully make our world better. Thank you for such a great opportunity and it’s my honor to be part of this!

Andrea Hernandez_México.png



Actually, I did not expect this recognition, I find it quite strange since it is the first time I participate in any event and I am selected. I am very pleased with it.

SHAN HUANG(china).png

Shan Huang


The poster shows high-rise buildings in the city at night, but there is no public space for children to play. The swing hanging in the air shows the helplessness of children. The poster hopes to arouse the public’s attention to the public environment of the city, and make children a happy public place, not only the economic value brought by real estate.

Carilla_Karahan_Profile Photo.png



I wanted to show how fragile our world is. To change the notion of conformism new ideas should be encouraged and exhibition like this gives ultimate opportunity to see how it could be done. A city is accumulation of cultural history which is passed to the future generation like genes. It evolves through centuries into urbanized modern version reflecting changes in human beings.


The DNA of the city mutates because of human activities. The chemical factories, power plants all acting negatively on surrounding environment changing the network of DNA likes cities. Even though the changes do not reflect directly, it has a long term effects which span into the future. Therefore we must educate young people about defending cities development.

Let’s educate young generation to make sustainable cities! 

Sofia Sánchez Loera_México.png



“Graphic design is not what you see, but what you should make other people see.”
   - Edgar Degas
This poster shows the capitalist model today, representing us ideologically. It is reflected how future generations will be affected due to the consumer trend where the economic field is mainly imposed. 

Gonzalo Aviles_Mexico.PNG



Thank you very much, I really feel happy to be part of such an important cause.

I remember well that, as soon as I started to sketch, the first thing that appeared in my mind was a question - what future do I want for my children? - and it was there that I understood that in my hands it is to watch over the place where they live so, already having this objective clear, I let the imagination fly to be able to capture it. 

foto ximena valverde.png



My inspiration for this poster was the theme of the coffin houses in Asia and the excessive development of luxury vertical homes in Guadalajara, Mexico. There is a problem in the conditions of decent housing, it is built too much, for clients of high socioeconomic levels. They build skyscrapers for offices or departments, burn forests to make new housing developments.

We are putting too much pressure on the planet, exploiting its resources, all to earn a few cents. I think it is important to invest in our green spaces in the same way and demand that these great developers do it too.


“Less building, more planting” (less build, more plant) refers to just that. A building made with plants, earth and natural elements, a claim, a protest, a cry of demand for all, retake the spaces, turn them green. 

Qiang Wei-photo-RECORTADA.png



I am very honored to be selected again. I have also chosen the 2017 competition. The Escuchamivoz poster contest is a very influential professional poster competition in the world. The theme of the competition is very public. As a visual artist of Qiangwei In Studio, I am very concerned every year, I hope to present my work to more people, and I hope that my poster can bring meaningful experience to others.

Alireza Asiaban RECORTADA.png



Homelessness in metropolitan areas is a very important and notable issue.
Compassion and sympathy is very important for all the members of society in order to understand in 
What situation the homeless lives. Yes they’re living in empty cardboards. 

vinicio sejas - bolivia.png



I was inspired by one of the readings of the call, which talked about overcrowding in cities, especially in Hong Kong, it was surprisingly sad to know the personal stories of people who have no choice but to live and die, crowded into a micro space, and This is a problem that governments could solve if they had a policy of living spaces and quality of life in cities with high population density.


It is a unique opportunity to be part of this year’s exhibitions, I feel that we, the designers, have a social responsibility to reflect on the urgent global problems and that the project “listen to my voice” offers the possibility that several posters with messages powerful for society can arise from any corner of this world, to generate debate and perhaps, social pressure in favor of a sustainable future.




Designers have a great responsibility to make the world aware. It is an honor to have been a selected designer and to be part of Escucha mi Voz.

foto fabiola.png



Escucha mi Voz is an ideal project to participate and join efforts to raise awareness through images of this world that is in a hurry, the poster allows to connect with the being without intellectual and cultural discrimination. I am in the Yo, Metropolis collection and very happy to allow sharing my poster and the idea of transforming our environment with ecological habits and behaviors, as it should have been since the beginning of consumerism and the innovation of materials.

I have a lot of love for listening to my voice, for the struggle of each edition to break borders and achieve new links.




A person shapes his life by creating beauteous and original pieces of art.
Something beautiful can make the world around us, our city, more harmonious and peaceful.
For people, art is as necessary as air, water and food. Without access to art, there is no possibility for changing and transforming our existence and becoming human. 

Art is eternal and wonderful, because it carries beauty and goodness into the world.

Art reflects life,
Art creates life,
Art brings life,
Art is eternal…

Elham Jahanfard_Iran.png



 am happy about this year’s poster selection and that my poster has been selected. A good theme for this year. I hope the selected posters are effective.




It’s my first time to join an international poster contest.  I’m glad to have the chance to be selected and to be seen . As a designer, it may be a great encouragement to me and gives me a great sense of uplift. Thanks to EMV! 

Aida Sahebkari.png



My works are about Diversity, and they express my dreams and wishes for a better world.

I believe everyone deserves to have access to the same opportunities, every one needs to have a chance to grow and develope. Variations in human skin relate closely to the geography and etc. So we are all diverse and everyone’s experience, perspective, genetics, ... are different from one another.

We all have different gender, sexual orientation, education, childhood, illness, culture and race. And I believe each af these things designs something special and unique. We might have similarities but our feelings are not identical. The world will be a better place if we could suppport each other.

Andrea García_España.png



Being part of this selection is a great impulse to continue studying and creating content, working to evolve as a designer and learning from experiences of this caliber.

I appreciate this opportunity to share my ideas and get to reach society through such creative and inspiring work. Greetings from Gran Canaria.

Madeline Tyzzer_Australia.png



Making cities safer for everyone is an issue that needs greater awareness, we should be designing our cities with women safety in mind. I connected with this year’s topic straight away and felt inspired to base my design around urban transport. The fear of being harassed can deter free movement for women´s & girls around the world. We need to make changes now for there to be hope for our future generations. I feel honoured to be alongside these incredible designers, representing such an important issue. 

Lino Guillermo Quirós Hernández.png



A person city. This poster was made thinking the city as a human body, the heart is in the middle, the center of the city. The person/city is running, cause is always moving, evolving, adapting…just like a person. All this just to say that the city is a living thing, an extension of ourselfs.

Being part of a positive collective thinking, such as this international poster exhibition, is always an honor. Being able to yell at the world with an image and, perhaps, get someone to listen and do something about it, is the raison d'être of the poster.

Song Fuli_China RECORTADA.png



It’s a great honor to have my posters selected by the judges. Thanks to the organization for holding such a positive design competition. It allows designers to demonstrate the power of design for the environment and the city. This award gives me great encouragement and makes me more confident to face future design challenges.

Chia Hsiang Lee_Taiwan.png



Don’t let the beautiful forest, because of the deforestation of humans, there is only one sickle left for the children. 




Thankful infinitely!

The environment and the entire planet needs us, it is our duty as human beings to reach over our shouldwers, collaborate and generate social change. poster this way.

Katalin Káldor.png



All our actions and wrong steps have consequences that we tend to forget. The climate change is the result of our wrong and thoughtless actions. This climate change will cause our Planet to warm and dehydtarate in the future. Pay attantion to our actions, protect, build and save our Planet with all good ideas and choices.




The inspiration comes from a large number of chimney discharges, the sky is polluted, and the scene of blue sky and white clouds can not be seen for a long time. It is hoped that people can begin to pay attention to environmental protection through the dissemination of graphics, and they can see the beautiful life of blue sky and white clouds.

Elmer Sosa_NFT.png



Happy and grateful to have been selected. After having tried it in previous editions and even after being sworn, I feel honored.




Thank you so much for "hearing my voice"! It has been a wonderful experience to be able to participate in a contest that bets on the values ​​of social design. As an artist and design student, I am proud to have been selected, since some of my posters will serve to give a voice to causes that need it, making those who see them reflect.

Qi Xiao Shu_China.png



Urban development and environmental protection have always been an important topic of common concern for mankind. While strives for the rapid development of urban construction, resources and environmental problems have emerged. I hope that works can arouse people’s thinking about environment, natural energy and sustainable development. My creative starting point and source of inspiration are also based on this idea. If people can use more emotion to treat or see the problem naked and think and act, the ultimate benefit will be mankind itself, and our city life will also become better and better.

Wang Yanzhao_China RECORTADA.png



Thank you for giving me a chance to prove myself. In the days to come, I will never fail myself and try my best to become a better self. 




Since modernization, humans have been living in a world that is constantly changing and growing, our lifestyle has gradually turned us into selfish beings, we destroy, pollute and end our environment without thinking about the consequences of our actions.
Year after year we can see that the growth of cars in cities has increased alarmingly, there is more traffic, accidents, and pollution.
If as a society we continue to take the same steps and make the same mistakes, the future that awaits us will not be pleasant, I think we still have time to change and create a better tomorrow for our environment and for our future generations.


The use of the bicycle as a means of transport is an economic alternative that will help us to develop a more sustainable society with the planet, since with its use, we can reduce air pollution levels and at the same time we can adopt a healthier lifestyle. It’s never too late to change your life for the better.

Ye GuangJie_China.png



Cities are getting bigger and more complex. We need a global recognition that cities need better planning to grow. The works is inspired by a crowded city through a crowded car road. Cities, cars, roads and viaducts have become dense, which makes us feel that the urban transportation system should be valued by the government. The key visual  try to express contrast by dense lines and red warning signs. hope our city is better and better.

Ye Guo_China.png



Designers should pay attention to society. A good designer should have a sense of social responsibility and an eye for finding problems. 

Over-urbanization has created many problems: overcrowded public spaces, and a growing number of homeless people. The cities are filled with all kinds of vehicles and houses. These things have occupied our living space. Children don’t have parks to go out and play in. And increasingly dense roads are like an invisible net that trapped us in our homes. When people don’t go out to socialize, their relationships become cold. In the same way, excessive urbanization has made many people homeless. They are forced to live on the streets, with the earth as their bed and the sky as their quilt.

These social problems are real, and the designer’s mission is to remind people to recognize and pay attention to these real problems. That’s why I designed the poster this way.

Jare Bujny_Polonia.png



When I designed a poster about your topic I was wondering if the problem I would illustrate would be understandable far from my country. 
Apparently so, since you chose it. 
Shit, are our problems similar? 
Apparently yes. 

Irina Popova.png



There are invisible people in every city in the world.  We often don’t notice them. We look but we don’t see them. It happens that the homeless or the poor cause different feelings, from pity to contempt. Many believe that the poor are to blame for their own poverty, they just don’t want to work, so most persons try to ignore them.


Not everyone understands that urban poverty is a problem of the whole society and it can only be eliminated together, changing the attitudes to such people. I want to say with my poster these people are real and they must be VISIBLE.




As a graphic designer we are responsible to make people to Become More Aware of Resources Start by living with a greater awareness of the resources that you use in your daily life. Pay attention to how you choose to heat, to travel, to use water and use products that were made by manufacturing practices. Awareness is what will allow you to then begin to make environmentally friendly choices.

Being environmentally friendly simply means having a lifestyle that are better for the environment. It is all about taking small steps towards mother earth so as to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come. A good way would be to start with conserving water, driving less and walking more, consuming less energy, buying recycled products, eating locally grown vegetables, joining environmental groups to combat air pollution, creating less waste, planting more trees and many more.

Marijana Ivanova - Republic of North Macedonia.png


Republic of North Macedonia

I am so honored to be one of the selected participants in this wonderful competition for the third time in a row now. I have been selected to more than 40 international poster competitions, but this one has always been my dearest and the most committed one – organizing exhibitions and promoting our works and causes all over the world, constantly!


Such committed people to the poster art as an expression motivate me to keep on creating and bringing positive changes to this world with my posters. Thank you so much for doing this!




Having the recognition of your peers for the quality of your work is always appreciated. But having the opportunity to get people to ask questions, react, and act on social issues through visual language is even more important.




The “Coexist” poster uses open eyes, of different sizes and positions to represent the people who live in a city. Because living with the other is knowing that the other exists; and if I look at it, it looks at me and we will look at each other and we will know about the diversity that we must recognize to build a just society.

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