Bae — Seong Mee

March.1995~ until the present Professor of Suwon Science University (Dept. of Industrial Design/Visual Design part) Doctor of Literature. Chief Editor of university Report Chief of university Station The Minister of public relations of university ---------------------------- September. 2015~ 2018 President, Forum of ART & Design association of Korea (incorporated association_COFOD) - 2017 Beautiful Island of Korea, Dokdo International Invitation Exhibition (409 Artists participated) ----------------------------- Jenuary.2018 SCAD University in Atlanta, U.S.A. workshop of dpt. Printing ------------------------------ 2009~ until the present Private art exhibition(mixed media) 8 times -especially..invitational private exhibition Museum of Arts in BAKU, Azerbaijan, 2013 - invitational private exhibition Senyang AerospaceUniversity in China, 2014 - “monthly publication ‘ART world’” invitation exhibition_Korea Art Special exhibition 2014 10 Artist 1995~ Many Business Brands developed ( 2012-2016 Jeju ‘The We’ Hotel all design developed & coordination/ Hyundai Motor company/Hwasungcity..etc) 2014-2016 lecturer of Brand design MBA course of Yonsei Univeristy 2014-2016 lecturer of Brand design of Samsung ART & Design institute 2011-2012 Expert Adviser of Presidential Advisory Council of Education, Science & Technology 2015. 2011-2013 Comittee Member of Korea Human Resource Prize 1988~ 2018 over 100 exhibition of foreign & group exhibition