"Let us raise our voice through design
and that all listen to us."

The Decalogue on Children's Rights:

1. Right to equality, regardless of race, religion or nationality.

2. Right to a special protection so that they can grow physically, mentally and socially healthy and free.

3. Right to have a name and a nationality.

4. Right to adequate food, shelter and medical care.

5. Right to special education and care for children with disabilities.

6. Right to the understanding and love on the part of the families and the society.

7. Right to FUN and PLAY and to a free education.

8. Right to preferential care and assistance in case of danger.

9. Right to be protected against abandonment, abuse, child labor and violence of all kinds.

10. The right to be raised in a spirit of understanding, solidarity, friendship and justice among all the world.

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